“Incomplete Documentation Negatively

Affects Turnover Progress”


Systems Completion
Systems Completion is the process of taking a project from engineering through construction to mechanical completion and then ready for operations. The objective is to demonstrate that a facility and all its components are built and installed according to the design intent and function according to project specifications. 
TCG Defines System Completion
The Commissioning Group, LLC where a project is engineered, equipment systemized, equipment preserved, constructed, and commissioned (walked down, punched-out/reconciled, tested, cleaned, turned over to the client) and ready for operations.

Any of the above vital items not done, out of sequence and not documented, will cause dire consequences in project delays, destruction of equipment/property loss, voided equipment warranties and the worse of all, loss of life.  With all these elements happening simultaneously, there is specific software that is utilized by commissioning to track, sort and ensure that all declarations are based on the project Scope Of Work (SOW) are assigned correctly for systems and subsystems. This process ensures that every piece of equipment is installed, tested documented and turned over to the client as a package.

Our Approach
The Commissioning Group, LLC approaches every project with a staff of commissioning  engineers and discipline specialists with the sole intent that all engineering data has been verified (from a commissioning perspective), engineering drawings systemized and specific dataset tables built to be entered into a systems completions database for declaration and assignments of systems and subsystems.  This is for planning and development of critical commissioning documents prior to execution. When we mobilized to site, we are ready to execute our plans throughout of your life-cycle of the project.


When The Commissioning Group is selected for your project, our work processes (project and time tested) will complete your project on time and on budget.