services and solutions for the commissioning group

"Not Adequately Planning Commissioning Activities Will Severely Impact

the Project Schedule" 


Commissioning Services
  • Commissioning Execution Plan Development (also Discipline Plans)

  • Integrated Project Schedule Development

  • Systemization of Plot Plans, PFDs, P&IDs & Specialty Equipment

  • Systemization of Single Line Diagram

  • Systemization of Cable Runs

  • Systemization of Instrumentation

  • Configuration of Completions Software

  • Development of Turnover Folders

  • Development of Systems Walk-down Packages

  • Development of Pre-Commissioning Procedures

  • Development of Commissioning Procedures

  • Development of Loop Folders

  • Systemization of LOTO P&IDs

  • Commissioning HSE & SIT Plan Development

  • Assist in the development SIMOP plans

  • Systemization of Safety Instrumented Systems

  • Systems Walk-downs

Operation Support Services
  • Operator Excellence

  • Operator Certification & Training

  • Operation Readiness & Development

Engineering Support Services
  • HAZOP/PHA/LOPA/SIL Review Support

  • P&ID Review Support

  • Plot Plan Review Support

  • 3D Model Review Support

  • Assistance with P&ID Development

  • Assistance with Hydraulic Calculations

  • Line List Development

  • Tie-In List Development

  • Battery Limit Summary Development

  • Assistance with Relief Valve Calculations and Documentation

  • Process Control Analysis (CSE)

  • Sizing of instrumentation

  • Development of CV/FE Summary

  • Assistance with Specifications of SP Items

  • Maintenance Reliability Studies

Procurement Support Services
  • Vendor Coordination and vendor management

  • Vendor Surveillance and inspections for project equipment

  • Provide specific tracking software for equipment preservation based on the OEM/Vendor recommendation, frequency and any other special request.